Dare to dream - visit unique Alvar Aalto destinations!

Plan your next architectural visit with the Alvar Aalto Route! Dare to dream, make plans, and travel when it’s possible and safe again. 

The Alvar Aalto Route is your personal treasure map to the architectural sites and iconic designs of the world-famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. His architectural destinations can be visited in Finland, Germany, Estonia, Italy and France – complemented with rare jewels like the Vyborg Library in Russia. Experience secret local treats – world known architecture, nature attractions, boat trips, wellness and delicious food.

Book a tailor-made tour by one of our selected travel agencies or find further information about the sites open to visitors.

Many of our sites are operated by small local entrepreneurs. Please do check the up-to-date situation concerning the COVID19 restrictions at each site in advance or consult your travel agency. Thank you for supporting Alvar Aalto sites!

Learn about the master of modern design and architecture

Architecture should always have the means to solve the problem of a building's organic connection with nature.

Alvar Aalto

Alvar Aalto tours


Villa Tammekann

Kreutzwaldi 6, Tartu
Self-guided/guided tour • Indoors/outdoors • All year round
8 € or 10 € / person

Lappia Hall in Rovaniemi

Jorma Eton tie 8 A, 96100 Rovaniemi
Indoors/outdoors • All year
Viewable from the outside / indoors during events