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Discover the surprising Alvar Aalto routes and destinations! You can find the contact information for each tour by clicking on the Book your tour -link. On this page you will also find contact details for travel agencies, organised geographically according to the areas in which they operate. Please note that our partners also serve customers with other travel products to all over Finland and abroad too!

Seinäjoki and Alajärvi

Visit Lakeus Ltd

Tiedekatu 2
60320, Seinäjoki
tel +358 6 420 9090




Mäntymäentie 1
42700 KEURUU
puh +358 14 336 4120 tai
puh +358 14 336 4140

Pori, Eura, Paimio and Turku

Magni Mundi Oy

PL 41
20101, Turku
phone +358 44 9778981


Lahti and Jyväskylä

Visit Lahti, Lahti Region Ltd.

Salpausselänkatu 7
FIN-15110, Lahti
phone +358 (0)207 281 760

Travel agencies for Alvar Aalto Tours

Kotka, Kouvola and Hamina

Matkatoimisto Kymenmatkat Oy

Karhulantie 32-34
48600, Kotka
phone +358 5 211 1600


Kouvola Inkeroinen

Kouvolan matkatoimisto Oy

Asemakatu 1
40100, Kouvola
phone +358 5 744 3100


Varkaus and Lake Saimaa

Savonlinna Tours

Kuhamäentie 33
57810, Savonlinna
+358 50 548 4004

Turku and surroundings

Visit Turku Sales, Guide Services

Aurakatu 2
20100, Turku
+358 2 262 7900

Bookings for single sites

Studio Aalto &
The Aalto House

Alvar Aalto Foundation
tel. +358 9 481 350

Alvar Aalto Museum &
Muuratsalo Experimental House

Alvar Aalto Museum
tel. +358 40 135 6210

Villa Kokkonen, Järvenpää

Villa Kokkonen, Mestart Oy

Tuulimyllyntie 5
04400, Järvenpää
phone +358 41 432 6166

Säynätsalo Town Hall in Jyväskylä

Tavolo Bianco Ltd.

Parviaisentie, 9
40900 Säynätsalo
phone +358 40 1971 091

Paimio Sanatorium, Paimio

Magni Mundi Oy

PL 41
20101, Turku
phone +358 44 9778981

Alvar Aalto Foundation

Alvar Aalto Route and are published by Alvar Aalto Foundation. The content has been created together with our partners and Alvar Aalto Cities. For additional information, please find our contact information below:

Visitor services, Helsinki

tel. +358 9 481 350

Visitor services, Jyväskylä

tel. +358 40 135 6210

Media services

tel. +358 40 168 5142 or
tel. +358 40 135 6210

Web communication

tel. +358 44 555 7337


Alvar Aalto (1898 – 1976) was a world-famous architect and a pioneer of modern architecture and design.

Alvar Aalto Route is a way to help find buildings and sites designed by Alvar Aalto, in an easier way than before. We’ve already listed most of the sites all over Finland. But first of all, you can find interesting tours and day-trip programs to Aalto-cities. We love Aalto’s architecture, and are happy to introduce you to it, too!

We didn’t do this alone. Our collaborators and friends at the Ministry of Culture and in the Aalto -cities made this new online service possible.

There are plenty! In Finland alone, you can find Aalto buildings and sites in 22 cities or municipalities. 16 of them have launched this website together with us. You’ll find booking information and the travel agencies for more detailed questions, in each tour’s Book-page. You can also follow the links to the different Aalto-cities’ travel information services in these pages. Enjoy your tour!

You’re in a city with or near by an interesting Aalto-site? You operate or provide services for public in an Aalto-site? Become a member of the Alvar Aalto Route and present your Aalto-tours on this website!

For more information, contact producers of Alvar Aalto -foundation:

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