Finland – Designed by Aalto

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Muuratsalo Experimental House
Muuratsalo Experimental House. Photo: Maija Holma / Alvar Aalto Foundation
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Embark on a country-spanning odyssey to discover the heart and soul of Alvar Aalto’s architectural legacy. Begin in Turku, where Aalto’s modernistic early works stand as monuments to his evolving style. Find yourself in Helsinki, where the iconic Finlandia Hall and the Academic Bookstore exemplify his philosophy of form following function. In Jyväskylä, the Aalto2 Museum awaits, a space where Aalto’s genius blurs the lines between practicality and artistry.

Journey to Säynätsalo to admire the Town Hall, a beacon of community and design, and explore the Muuratsalo Experimental House, a canvas of Aalto’s daring creativity. Venture to Kauttua Ironworks in Southwest Finland, a magnificent home to six Aalto structures, including the Terraced house and riverside sauna. Finish up at Villa Mairea, a residential marvel that harmonises with the natural world. This tour is a true tribute to Aalto’s vision, a chance to see the built environment through his transformative lens.

This five-day tour commences in Turku with Aalto’s first modernist works and progresses throug Helsinki’s iconic landmarks, such as the Finlandia Hall and the Academic Bookstore. The tour then ventures to the historically rich Kauttua Ironworks, followed by visits to Säynätsalo Town Hall and the Muuratsalo Experimental House. The excursion concludes with a tranquil stay at Villa Mairea, a serene
architectural haven.

Experience Highlights

  • Turun Sanomat Office Building in Turku
  • Finlandia Hall, Academic Bookstore, Aalto House and Studio in Helsinki
  • Aalto2 Museum Center, Jyväskylässä
  • Säynätsalo Town Hall
  • Muuratsalo Experimental House
  • Kauttua Ironworks
  • Villa Mairea

Finland – Designed by Aalto


5 days




All year round