Alvar Aalto Route video takes you to a fascinating tour to Aalto’s architectural sites

News/ 30.06.2022

The Cultural route on Aalto’s architecture and design heritage association presents a video displaying the breathtakingly beautiful architecture and design at a selection of sites of The Alvar Aalto Route. Join us on an enchanting tour with Alvar Aalto’s masterpieces!

Documentarist Virpi Suutari / Euphoria Film Inc. has produced the video on which we see great views and skilful details of Alvar Aalto sites in Italy, Germany, France and Finland. The tour is accompanied by music of the Finnish pianist Iiro Rantala.

The Alvar Aalto Route has been a Cultural Route of The Council of Europe since 2021. With the help of this video, we invite people to experience the Alvar Aalto sites internationally and promote cooperation with the other cultural routes of The Council of Europe.

Alvar Aalto Route

Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe

The video was produced with the support for the renewal of the cultural and creative sectors, granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. Read more about the Aalto Cultural Tourism Ecosystem project.