Erottaja Pavilion Emergency Shelter Entrance

Erottaja Pavilion is one of Helsinki’s earliest Aalto-designed buildings. This small building intended as an emergency-shelter entrance is close to Helsinki’s city centre.

The Pavilion building is part of a larger plan for a traffic system for the Erottaja district. Aalto’s office won the architectural competition for the entire Erottaja district, but the traffic system was never implemented. The iron-framed pavilion is clad in bronze and granite.

Erottaja Pavilion, close to the Akateeminen Kirjakauppa bookshop, is a curiosity in Aalto’s production, a reminder of his larger, unrealized plans for Helsinki’s city centre.

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1. Erottaja Pavilion Emergency Shelter Entrance

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Erottaja Pavilion

Erottaja Pavilion is located in the city centre of Helsinki on Erottaja street. The Pavilion is nowadays used as a entrance to a parking hall below ground level. Erottaja Pavilion is viewable from the outside.