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Alvar Aalto in Seinäjoki

As an architectural whole, the Administrative and Cultural Centre in Seinäjoki is unique on a global scale. Seinäjoki is also the location of the Defence Corps Building built in 1924-26, one of the rare works from Aalto’s youth. The Administrative and Cultural Centre consists of six buildings and the Civic…

Experiences: Food and herbs, Furniture, Museums, Nature

Themes: Churches, Civic centers, Classicism, Cultural buildings, Office buildings

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The Iittala Glass Factory and Design Museum Iittala
Finnish design is known for glass. Iittala is home to a Finnish glass center, the only glass factory in operation in Finland. Iittala’s story began in 1881, when a glass…

Experiences: Local products, Museums

Muurame Church near the city of Jyväskylä. Photo: Visit Jyväskylä, Tero Takalo-Eskola.
Muurame church
Alvar Aalto designed several church plans in 1920’s and Muurame church is the only one that was realised. Muurame church is considered to be a interphase in Aalto’s career. After…

Experiences: Cultural heritage, Lakeland

Church of the Three Crosses (1956-58), Vuoksenniska, Imatra, the pentice of the entrance and the front door. Picture Maija Holma, Alvar Aalto -Foundation
Church of the Three Crosses (Vuoksenniska Church)
The Church of the Three Crosses in Vuoksenniska is one of Imatra’s parish churches. After the Second World War, Alvar Aalto was commissioned to create a master plan for Imatra,…

Experiences: Cultural heritage

Rovaniemi Library photo Juho Kuva, City of Rovaniemi
Aalto and the Post-war Rebuilding of Rovaniemi
Rovaniemi suffered badly in World War II, as approximately 90 percent of buildings in the town centre were destroyed in 1944. The rebuilding process started quickly after the tragedy, led…

Experiences: Lapland

Otaniemi Library is full of natural light
Espoo and Otaniemi Campus Area
Espoo, located west of Helsinki, is part of the Finnish capital region. Alvar Aalto’s most famous work in Espoo is the Otaniemi campus, now known as Aalto University. Originally known…

Experiences: Helsinki surroundings, Urban Finland

Turku and the Office Building for Turun Sanomat Newspaper
Architect Alvar Aalto lived in Turku 1927 – 1933. This period saw the rise of a new era of architecture and furniture design. Aalto co-operated with Erik Bryggman, one of…

Experiences: Archipelago

Säynätsalo Town Hall. Photo Visit Jyväskylä, Tero Takalo-Eskola.
Säynätsalo Town Hall
The invitational competition for Säynätsalo Town Hall was held in 1949. Aalto won the competition with an entry marked ‘Curia’, and was immediately commissioned to prepare working drawings. Completed in…

Experiences: Art, Lakeland, Nature

Paimio Sanatorium in pinewoods photo Maija Holma Alvar Aalto Foundation
Paimio Sanatorium
The building completed in 1933 as Paimio Sanatorium was of key importance to the international career of architects Alvar and Aino Aalto. Together with Vyborg (Viipuri) Library, completed two years…

Experiences: Cultural heritage, History, Nature

Muuratsalo Experimental house
Muuratsalo Experimental House, the summer home of Alvar and Elissa Aalto, is situated on the western shore of the island of Muuratsalo, on lake Päijänne. Within the grounds of the…

Experiences: Lakeland, Museums, Nature

Alvar Aalto Museum
Alvar Aalto was commissioned to prepare drawings for Jyväskylä art museum, which were finished in autumn 1971. The building was completed in 1973. The Alvar Aalto Museum is sited on…

Experiences: History, Museums

Church of the Cross
On the old church site of Kolkanmäki rises the architecturally impressive tower of the Church of the Cross, built 1978. This vital element of the Lahti cityscape is a masterwork…

Experiences: Cultural heritage, Lakeland

Varkaus Paper Mill photo Timo Heinonen
Varkaus – industrial history, Lake Saimaa waterways and caviar
Lake Saimaa waterways that extend to the city centre, a lush natural environment and many destinations offer holidaymakers many opportunities in the Varkaus region. Specialties include the city’s own caviar…

Experiences: Boat trip, Lakeland, Local products, Museums

Helsinki Finlandia Hall. Photo: Rune Snellman Alvar Aalto Museum
Finlandia Hall
Finlandia Hall was completed in Helsinki’s city centre in 1971 and the extra wing in 1975. The building was intended for congresses and concerts. The location of Finlandia Hall is…

Experiences: Archipelago, Food and herbs, Helsinki surroundings, Music, Urban Finland

Restaurant Savoy in Helsinki is famous not only for the menu but for the interior. Photo: Alvar Aalto Foundation.
Interior and Furnishing of the Savoy Restaurant
Aino and Alvar Aalto designed the interior of Savoy Restaurant, which occupies a commercial building in the centre of Helsinki. The restaurant’s furniture was commissioned from Artek. The Savoy has…

Experiences: Archipelago, Food and herbs, Furniture, Helsinki surroundings, Urban Finland

Helsinki Energy Office Building
Helsinki Energy Office Building was designed for Helsinki Energy, former The Office Building of the Helsinki City Electricity Company. It is located in the the city centre of…

Experiences: Cultural heritage, Urban Finland

The Aalto House
In 1934, Aino and Alvar Aalto acquired a site in almost completely untouched surroundings at Riihitie in Helsinki’s Munkkiniemi. Aino and Alvar Aalto designed the building, whose simple, natural materials…

Experiences: Helsinki surroundings, Museums

Studio Aalto
Alvar Aalto designed the building at Tiilimäki 20 in Munkkiniemi as his own office in 1955. Because of a number of large commissions, the office needed more space to work…

Experiences: Helsinki surroundings, Museums

Enso Gutzeit Mill Directors' House in Summa Hamina photo Martti Kapanen
Summa Pulp Mill and Housing Area in Hamina
Hamina – military history, circular town plan and the Summa paper mill Hamina is a beautiful city, where the sights are within easy reach. The old city centre is based…

Experiences: Cultural heritage

Lake Tuusula scenery Järvenpää Visit Tuusulanjärvi
The artist community at Lake Tuusula and Villa Kokkonen in Järvenpää
The museums near the lake Tuusula display the history and the rich cultural heritage of Finland. A unique community of artists formed on the shores of Lake Tuusula in early…

Experiences: Furniture, Helsinki surroundings, Local products, Music, Nature

Villa Kokkonen was designed for the music. Photo: Mestart Ltd.
Alvar Aalto’s Villa Kokkonen
Villa Kokkonen (1967 – 1969) is a real rarity among the private homes designed by Alvar Aalto, because Aalto designed the building as an artist’s home. The composer Joonas Kokkonen…

Experiences: Art, Furniture

Sunila house Runkola and pine trees in winter photo Rurik Wasastjerna
Sunila Sulphate Pulp Mill and Residential Area
The Sunila pulp mill and the adjoining residential area designed by Alvar Aalto are masterpieces of modern architecture. The pulp mill was said to be the most beautiful in the…

Experiences: Finnish Sauna, Furniture, Nature

Alajärvi Town Hall by Alvar Aalto
Alvar Aalto in Alajärvi
The city of Alajärvi in the Southern Ostrobothnia is located close to Alvar Aalto’s childhood hometown Kuortane. Aalto spent his childhood summers in Alajärvi and later had his own summer…

Experiences: Food and herbs, Furniture, Nature

Seinäjoki Town Hall and The Aalto Centre. Photo: Visit Seinäjoki, Katja Lösönen.
Alvar Aalto in Seinäjoki
As an architectural whole, the Administrative and Cultural Centre in Seinäjoki is unique on a global scale. Seinäjoki is also the location of the Defence Corps Building built in 1924-26,…

Experiences: Food and herbs, Furniture, Museums, Nature

Finlandia Hall in HelsFinlandia Hall in Helsinki photo Rune Snellman Alvar Aalto Foundationinki
Alvar Aalto in Helsinki
The maritime Helsinki is the biggest city in Finland and home for several buildings designed by Alvar Aalto. It also contains a wide range of other Finnish architecture from different…

Experiences: Art, Finnish Sauna, Food and herbs, Furniture, Nature

Industrial history and the Tampella Co. Housing Area in Inkeroinen
The River Kymijoki has shaped the history of the entire Kymenlaakso region and given rise to a number of cultural environments related to agriculture, industry, houses and built-up areas. Sawmills…

Experiences: Art, Furniture, Nature

Inkeroinen Tehtaanmäki Elementary School photo Maija Holma Alvar Aalto Foundation
Aalto sites in Kouvola
Alvar Aalto’s most prominent works in Kouvola are located in Inkeroinen within the area of the Ankkapurha Culture Park. The Tehtaanmäki Primary School is the only elementary school designed by…

Experiences: Art, Finnish Sauna, Furniture, Nature

Villa Mairea in Noormarkku photo Maija Holma Alvar Aalto Foundation
Ahlström’s Noormarkku Works in Pori
Ahlström’s Noormarkku Works area is one of the largest and most impressive old engineering works areas in Finland, with the visitors having an opportunity to absorb the atmosphere of bygone…

Experiences: Art, Finnish Sauna, Food and herbs, Furniture, Nature

Kauttua Ruukinpuisto Works in Eura
Kauttua Ruukinpuisto Works at Eura
The Terraced House at the Kauttua Works in Eura is a vivid example of the desire of the architect to integrate the building into the natural environment: the multi-storey residential…

Experiences: Art, Finnish Sauna, Food and herbs, Furniture, Nature

Alvar Aalto Campus area of Seminaarinmäki in Jyväskylä kuva Mikko Laitinen
Alvar Aalto in Jyväskylä
In Jyväskylä, the city of lakes and hills in the heart of the Finnish Lakeland, you’ll find the largest number of masterful buildings in the whole world designed by the…

Experiences: Art, Finnish Sauna, Food and herbs, Furniture, Nature

Kantola sea sauna and Sunila Pulp Mill in Kotka photo Rurik Wasastjerna
Mill Manager’s residence Kantola and beach Sauna in Sunila
Kantola was designed by Aalto as a home for the manager of the Pulp mill. The modern house was built in 1937 on the beautiful setting by the sea. Today…

Experiences: Archipelago, Finnish Sauna, Furniture, Helsinki surroundings, Sea

Villa Mairea living room peaceful atmosphere photo Johanna Kokkola
Villa Mairea
Located within the Noormarkku Works area, Villa Mairea was built in 1939 to serve as the home of Maire (née Ahlström) and Harry Gullichsen. The progressive couple were patrons of…

Experiences: Cultural heritage, Furniture

Erottaja Pavilion Emergency Shelter Entrance
Erottaja Pavilion is one of Helsinki’s earliest Aalto-designed buildings. This small building intended as an emergency-shelter entrance is close to Helsinki’s city centre. The Pavilion building is part of a…

Experiences: Helsinki surroundings

Helsinki Enso Gutzeit Headquarters photo Eino Mäkinen Alvar Aalto Foundation
Enso-Gutzeit Co. Headquarters
The Enso-Gutzeit Headquarters building was completed in the centre of Helsinki, in a prominent place in the Southern Harbour, in 1962. Now Stora Enso’s Headquarters, the building is one of…

Experiences: Archipelago, Helsinki surroundings

Rautatalo Office Building
The Rautatalo Office Building was completed in Helsinki’s city centre in 1955. The building got its name (‘Iron House’) from the federation of Finnish hardware dealers that commissioned it. The…

Experiences: Helsinki surroundings, Urban Finland

Culture House Helsinki photo Maija Holma Alvar Aalto Foundation
House of Culture
The House of Culture was completed in 1958 close to the centre of Helsinki. It was designed as a multi-purpose building for the Communist Party of Finland. Apart from the…

Experiences: Archipelago, Helsinki surroundings, Urban Finland